Friday, March 4, 2011

Boy Girl Party dot com

I picked up a couple of adorable paper goods from BoyGirlParty at the Muse today and thought they were too cute not to share!

Sweet kitty notepad.

Little pup recipe cards.

I settled on these two but also really wanted these fox recipe cards, this octopus to-do list, & this owl graph pad.

Pretty much everything in the shop is great, but my first introduction to her work was a print of the image on this shirt:

That little baby pup wrapped up in the bike basket totally did me in. Most items available on her Etsy as well.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Easy as pie knit cowl

My camera isn’t working, but I knit an easy-peasy, super cozy, warm, and cute cowl yesterday. Seed stitched on the bottom, stockinette stitched body, 2x2 ribbed on top. I'm posting the pattern so that I don't forget it, but honestly I just made it up as I went along and it s was as pie!

Using US size 9 circular needles, cast on 52 stitches.

Row 1: k1, p1 repeat til end of row, add stitch marker.
Row 2: p1, k1 repeat til end of row.
Row 3: same as row 1.
Row 4: same as 2.

Knit 22 rows.

Row 26: k2, p2 repeat til end of row.
Row 27: p2, k2 repeat til end of row.
Row 28: same as row 26.
Row 29: same as row 27.

Bind off.

Jump up and down because you just knit a cozy cowl in 2 hours! Hurray!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

flickr favorites

1. decoupages3 p11, 2. modeles de decoupages p6, 3. modeles de decoupages p21, 4. modeles de decoupages p10

seriously so, so obsessed with agence eureka. i'm in love with père castor'sdecoupage illustrations.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


love, love, love this beautiful poppy illustrations from agence eureka:

my next tattoo is going to be poppies, & it's between this & the lovely jill bliss:

tough call. can't i just get both?

Monday, August 23, 2010


#1: save for a new macbook.

i definitely would not turn down this 24k gold & diamonds macbook but i think the standard pro, or even basic white will do.

#2: amazing new chanel sunglasses.

not sure why these bow glasses are listed at $105, unless they're knock-offs. can't find them on the nordstrom site, but unfortunately at the store, they're $350. & they will be MINE.

#3: save for a winter vacation.

right now, a week-long cruise to the bahamas is looking like the most afforable option, but mexico or the mediterranean would be great as well. only request: sunshine.

definitely to be continued. ♥

Monday, August 16, 2010


so, after re-reading my previous post, i realized that my goals are not so simple. i thought it would be a good idea to set some simpler simple goals. here goes...

{image compliments of elsie}

simple goal #1: clean out my car once a week. make two baskets: one for the front seat, for things i want to be able to easily access, & one for the backseat, which i will bring inside at the end of the week. i want to maintain the "new car" feel for as long as possible!

simple goal #2: make time to create something every week. pretty self-explanatory. writing in my journal, making home/style/craft inspiration files to contribute to daily, buy a cute 4-track & start recording guitar.

simple goal #3: work on simplifying & re-creating my wardrobe. eliminate clutter, only buy clothes that are versatile & can be worn to work. no more impulse purchases!

simple goal #4: list & sell items in my etsy shop! ease the pain of getting rid of 3/4 of my closet by making some money!

{simple goal #4.5: save the money made on etsy, don't spend all the money on other etsy shops!}


so, i started a real-life, pen & paper journal again. it's been a few years since i've done this, & so far, this journal is much more optimistic & inspiring than journals past. in keeping with this new, positive attitude, i decided to play along with elsie's four simple goals blog post.

{thanks elsie for the banner!}

goal # 1: be more organized!
first & foremost, this will require some serious downsizing, namely excess clutter in my bedroom. also, this means trips to goodwill to drop off donations, NOT taking more home with me! thankfully, i have a boatload of DIY projects to help me group & contain different items.

(note to self: tackle ikea bookshelf, closet, craft supplies, & accessories first!)

goal # 2: do what i love!
i've recently realized that i don't have time to waste on things that i don't enjoy. lucky for me, i am working pretty much my dream job, & i like the people i work with. outside of work, i only want to spend time with people whose company i enjoy, doing things that i love to do. this means more creating: finishing my patchwork quilt, altering & embellishing clothing that otherwise won't be worn, decorating my home, playing music, traveling, keeping my journal, baking, & finding new hobbies!

goal #3: focus more on my health.
i've never felt better than last summer when i was on a raw foods diet. while i don't expect to immediately go back to that lifestyle, i want to think about the foods i'm eating, & try to eat more fresh fruits & vegetables, & homemade foods that are delicious & make me feel better about myself. also, i want to take at least one yoga class a week, in the morning before work, & bikram on tuesday nights in baltimore with sara! also, i need to fix my bike & enjoy at least one ride on the c&o canal to harper's ferry while the weather is still nice.

goal #4: be happy!
keep a positive attitude & an open mind, & keep negativity in check. challenge pessimism, in myself & others, & re-think keeping sources of negative energy in my life. stay eager to learn new things, & improve my life, & be willing to put forth the energy required to be happy. it's easier to be lazy & cynical, but no more taking the easy way out!

i want to create a life for myself that i can be proud of, & feel good about, & following these goals will help me get there. also, i've created a few mini-goals, such as keeping my new car clean, being more choosy about who i spend my time with, being more financially responsible, & about a million other things, but i don't want to get ahead of myself.