Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


love, love, love this beautiful poppy illustrations from agence eureka:

my next tattoo is going to be poppies, & it's between this & the lovely jill bliss:

tough call. can't i just get both?

Monday, August 23, 2010


#1: save for a new macbook.

i definitely would not turn down this 24k gold & diamonds macbook but i think the standard pro, or even basic white will do.

#2: amazing new chanel sunglasses.

not sure why these bow glasses are listed at $105, unless they're knock-offs. can't find them on the nordstrom site, but unfortunately at the store, they're $350. & they will be MINE.

#3: save for a winter vacation.

right now, a week-long cruise to the bahamas is looking like the most afforable option, but mexico or the mediterranean would be great as well. only request: sunshine.

definitely to be continued. ♥

Monday, August 16, 2010


so, after re-reading my previous post, i realized that my goals are not so simple. i thought it would be a good idea to set some simpler simple goals. here goes...

{image compliments of elsie}

simple goal #1: clean out my car once a week. make two baskets: one for the front seat, for things i want to be able to easily access, & one for the backseat, which i will bring inside at the end of the week. i want to maintain the "new car" feel for as long as possible!

simple goal #2: make time to create something every week. pretty self-explanatory. writing in my journal, making home/style/craft inspiration files to contribute to daily, buy a cute 4-track & start recording guitar.

simple goal #3: work on simplifying & re-creating my wardrobe. eliminate clutter, only buy clothes that are versatile & can be worn to work. no more impulse purchases!

simple goal #4: list & sell items in my etsy shop! ease the pain of getting rid of 3/4 of my closet by making some money!

{simple goal #4.5: save the money made on etsy, don't spend all the money on other etsy shops!}


so, i started a real-life, pen & paper journal again. it's been a few years since i've done this, & so far, this journal is much more optimistic & inspiring than journals past. in keeping with this new, positive attitude, i decided to play along with elsie's four simple goals blog post.

{thanks elsie for the banner!}

goal # 1: be more organized!
first & foremost, this will require some serious downsizing, namely excess clutter in my bedroom. also, this means trips to goodwill to drop off donations, NOT taking more home with me! thankfully, i have a boatload of DIY projects to help me group & contain different items.

(note to self: tackle ikea bookshelf, closet, craft supplies, & accessories first!)

goal # 2: do what i love!
i've recently realized that i don't have time to waste on things that i don't enjoy. lucky for me, i am working pretty much my dream job, & i like the people i work with. outside of work, i only want to spend time with people whose company i enjoy, doing things that i love to do. this means more creating: finishing my patchwork quilt, altering & embellishing clothing that otherwise won't be worn, decorating my home, playing music, traveling, keeping my journal, baking, & finding new hobbies!

goal #3: focus more on my health.
i've never felt better than last summer when i was on a raw foods diet. while i don't expect to immediately go back to that lifestyle, i want to think about the foods i'm eating, & try to eat more fresh fruits & vegetables, & homemade foods that are delicious & make me feel better about myself. also, i want to take at least one yoga class a week, in the morning before work, & bikram on tuesday nights in baltimore with sara! also, i need to fix my bike & enjoy at least one ride on the c&o canal to harper's ferry while the weather is still nice.

goal #4: be happy!
keep a positive attitude & an open mind, & keep negativity in check. challenge pessimism, in myself & others, & re-think keeping sources of negative energy in my life. stay eager to learn new things, & improve my life, & be willing to put forth the energy required to be happy. it's easier to be lazy & cynical, but no more taking the easy way out!

i want to create a life for myself that i can be proud of, & feel good about, & following these goals will help me get there. also, i've created a few mini-goals, such as keeping my new car clean, being more choosy about who i spend my time with, being more financially responsible, & about a million other things, but i don't want to get ahead of myself.

Monday, August 2, 2010

wow, wow, wow, wow, unbelievable!

i have been so busy the past few weeks, after starting a new job assistant-managing a great aveda salon. this job has made me realize how miserable i've been at all of my other jobs, & helped me see that being disrespected & unappreciated is not okay. i am ecstatic & since i've started, my whole attitude about life in general has shifted in a much more positive way. i am over the moon!

anyways... just quickly needed to stop by & share my current obsession:

club soda + monin's rose, jasmine, lavender or lemongrass = perfectly simple, refreshing, delicious summer drink. seriously, seriously obsessed.
i haven't tried other flavors, but i thought these sounded delicious...

hibiscus, violet, desert pear & cucumber, yum!

i highly recommend trying this on your own, its quick & easy-peasy. yum, yum, yum!

Friday, July 16, 2010

yarn porn

in love with rose hip's yarn collection. so amazing.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

papier mache.

papier mache is a magical children's magazine. the styling & editing are absolutely wonderful, & i don't care that i'm well over a decade past being the "right" age for children's magazines. i think any aesthete will appreciate this. ♥

out of print

slaughterhouse five.

on the road.

atlas shrugged.


lord of the flies.

out of print has been featured in a few magazines this past month, real simple & something else... i can't remember... anyways. what a great idea.

speaking of which, i found a great booth at one of my favorite antigue shops that sells books, a lot of first editions, mostly under $10. even though i am flat broke, i couldn't resist picking up a few books that i've wanted nice, displayable copies of...

opium by jean cocteau.

in watermelon sugar by richard brautigan.

on the road by jack kerouac.

& i usually don't enjoy many new books, but i had read an article on oliver sacks just a few hours before happening upon awakenings for $1. i recently read a neurology textbook & when i read the description of the book i figured there's a good chance i'll enjoy this.

& lastly, a few projects for book storage...

may december's invisible bookshelves. love, love, love.

adventures in creating
's doggie bookcase. so, so cute!

100 layer cake's book planter. also spotted on rag & bone & gartenkultur via benign objects.

oh, & look! a similar take on this project from

all of a sudden, these folded book-page sculptures are everywhere. they're so pretty & make a statement without costing a lot of money or requiring a lot of skill to create! folded book vases at lillyella.

project wedding's book paper garland is so sweet.

Friday, July 9, 2010

time magazine covers.

Christian Renewal / Dec. 25, 1964

The Pill / Apr. 7, 1967

Today's Teenagers / Jan. 29, 1965

Rudi Gernreich / Dec. 1, 1967

Bonnie and Clyde / Dec. 8, 1967

Joffrey Ballet's 'Astarte' / Mar. 15, 1968

The Sex Explosion / July 11, 1969

Prince Charles / June 27, 1969

California / Nov. 7, 1969

Raquel Welch / Nov. 28, 1969

Japan's Expo '70 / Mar. 2, 1970

Jane, Henry & Peter Fonda / Feb. 16, 1970

Alaska / July 27, 1970

American POW's / Dec. 7, 1970

The U.S. Family / Dec. 28, 1970

The New Genetics / Apr. 19, 1971

Suburbia / Mar. 15, 1971

Jesus Christ Superstar / Oct. 25, 1971

The American Woman / Mar. 20, 1972

Edwin Land / June 26, 1972

Marilyn Monroe and Norman Mailer / July 16, 1973

Pop Records / Feb. 12, 1973

The Psychics / Mar. 4, 1974

Robert Redford & Mia Farrow / Mar. 18, 1974

The Maharishi / Oct. 13, 1975

i have a few covers at home that i plan on framing, & hanging in a cluster on the wall, just as soon as i find frames! ♥