Wednesday, May 26, 2010


so, i guess unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard of the renegade craft fair.

renegade originated in chicago, the charming wicker park to be exact. well, guess who has family right outside of wicker park? the same someone whose birthday is september 12th... if this isn't all coming together for you, take a look at the dates...

needless to say, i know what i'll be doing for my birthday this year! i wanted to go last year but didn't make it, & i can't wait this year! i should start saving money now; i tend to go a little overboard at these types of things... maryland sheep & wool festival, cough cough, $300 on roving & yarn, cough cough.

renegade handmade is the permanent store they opened in 2007 on division street. if you aren't able to come to the fair or the store in person, they have a great online shop with all sorts of great stuff. a few things i'm loving right now:

hearts & hares cross stitch kit

fox plush

sploth wooden wall plaque

domino eyesight ring

i heart illinois necklace

rabbit clock

let's ride tote gemma corell! ♥

while i'm anxiously waiting for september, i'll be checking out a few more local crafty events...

pile of craft in baltimore is set up by charm city craft mafia & will have over 40 vendors, according to the website.

& though it means waiting until october, crafty bastards arts & crafts fair,/a> in adams morgan, should be a lot of fun!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


has anyone heard of/read parasol magazine?

i found it on the long thread & i am about to order the current issue. it's only %2.50 for a downloadable copy, much cheaper than most craft magazines & minus the waste of paper.

i can't wait to read it!

in other news, i am going through a major gardening obsession. i wish i could find the battery charger for my digital camera so i could show you the beautiful flowers i have on the back porch. i found the most beautiful mix of snapdragons, some of them look painted or tie-dyed with multiple colors, & they look beautiful with the miniature zinnias i have. i also got a few two-toned purslane plants, but after digging out a plot for the flowers, i was too exhausted to plant anything! i have a few hours before i have to go to work, & i'm hoping to get them in the ground! i'll leave you with some (more) garden inspiration!

i heard about terrain, a garden store under the urban outfitters/anthropologie umbrella, a few years ago & have been dying to go up to philly & check it out. apparently, they have an adorable cafe & the decorations are just as fantastic as the anthropologie stores.

working at a greenhouse/nursery, i spend way, way, waaaaay too much money on plants, pots, garden decorations, etc. terrain has so many beautiful things for garden & home, i would be bankrupt after one trip to the store. here's a few things i am loving right now.

oh! & did i mention my obsession with terrariums? i've noticed i'm not the only one, they are quite trendy right now, especially in blogland. this one is particularly beautiful:

has anyone seen this air plant chandelier from modish? these glass orbs from terrain would be perfect for the project!

okay, my brain is buzzing with ideas & inspiration, i'm off to get my hands dirty in the garden before a day of work at the salon. hope everyone is having fun outdoors as well! ♥

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I stumbled upon this amazing felt floor mat on the Martha Stewart Crafts Dept. blog. I am in complete awe. The colors are so beautiful! I wonder how long it would take to make something like this? Hundreds, probably thousands, of teeny-tiny little strips of felt. Are they just glued together?

Monday, May 17, 2010

everything from a to z

hi. i am stealing this idea from p.s. i made this, sort of. these are some of the things i love right now, things i look forward to, & things that inspire me.

acorns, aprons
buttons, bunting, bloomers, brent
crafting, cupcakes (duh!)
diana f+, dresses
embroidery, elle magazine
flea markets, flowers
gardening, gossip girl, glitter
hairdressing, h & m
kites, kitties!
liberty of london
nighttime, naptime, nailpolish
picnics, peonies
ric-rac, ranunculas
shepardstown, sunshine, spring
turquoise, typography
warm weather
x is too hard to think of right now!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


yesterday was a wonderful, wonderful day. brent & i went to shepardstown, wv to visit our friend brent & his girlfriend sara. we ate obscene amounts of candy, built a campfire in the backyard to make corn (yum!), made rootbeer floats & played scrabble. on monday, sara & i are going to work on her garden.

i just started working at the local nursery again & i can't wait to pick out lots of pretty flowers for her garden. i am really happy i made a new friend. this summer will be the ultimate!

i'll leave you with some pretty outdoor summer fantasy snapshots, all images found via we heart it.

picnics & kite-flying galore. oh happy day.

Monday, May 3, 2010


what a nice day! i haven't gotten out of the house & spent time with people in a loooooong time. i am happy to make some new friends! i spent the entire day outside with friends, it was nice. tomorrow night i'm going to shepardstown to see my new friend sara & play scrabble. i'm so glad spring is here, it's good for my spirits. corny but true.

i found this Amy Earles painting on A Beautiful Mess, it's so sweet!

well unfortunately i agreed to work 13 hours tomorrow, meaning i have to get up at 6:30 & walk to work tomorrow morning because my car is at the mechanics. on the bright side, it will be nice to get some exercise & fresh air. (keep telling yourself that.) goodnight!