Tuesday, May 25, 2010


has anyone heard of/read parasol magazine?

i found it on the long thread & i am about to order the current issue. it's only %2.50 for a downloadable copy, much cheaper than most craft magazines & minus the waste of paper.

i can't wait to read it!

in other news, i am going through a major gardening obsession. i wish i could find the battery charger for my digital camera so i could show you the beautiful flowers i have on the back porch. i found the most beautiful mix of snapdragons, some of them look painted or tie-dyed with multiple colors, & they look beautiful with the miniature zinnias i have. i also got a few two-toned purslane plants, but after digging out a plot for the flowers, i was too exhausted to plant anything! i have a few hours before i have to go to work, & i'm hoping to get them in the ground! i'll leave you with some (more) garden inspiration!

i heard about terrain, a garden store under the urban outfitters/anthropologie umbrella, a few years ago & have been dying to go up to philly & check it out. apparently, they have an adorable cafe & the decorations are just as fantastic as the anthropologie stores.

working at a greenhouse/nursery, i spend way, way, waaaaay too much money on plants, pots, garden decorations, etc. terrain has so many beautiful things for garden & home, i would be bankrupt after one trip to the store. here's a few things i am loving right now.

oh! & did i mention my obsession with terrariums? i've noticed i'm not the only one, they are quite trendy right now, especially in blogland. this one is particularly beautiful:

has anyone seen this air plant chandelier from modish? these glass orbs from terrain would be perfect for the project!

okay, my brain is buzzing with ideas & inspiration, i'm off to get my hands dirty in the garden before a day of work at the salon. hope everyone is having fun outdoors as well! ♥

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