Wednesday, June 2, 2010


omg, i love this cat house from apartment therapy.

the cats house.

i've been really excited to make some kitty-oriented crafts, but this is beyond my (& the kittens') wildest dreams! i love the secret passageways & the ladders that lead up to the rafters!

I've wanted to make this cat magnet for a while, Brent's kitty Kazoo loves it!

Here's a few other kitten crafts I'd like to start:

♥ Martha's catnip mice.

♥ I found this sweet kitty tent the other day, & it's absolutely adorable. Cats love tents!

♥ Cathy Filian's tutorials look awesome. Hello, catnip bubbles?! (!!!)

♥ ReadyMade's kitty hammock.

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