Tuesday, June 22, 2010


it is 96 degrees out right now! i'm staying cool inside watching dirty dancing. thank you, amc.

so, aside from getting fired from the salon via text message at 10:45 last night, i had a great weekend. saturday i puppy-sat for my friend joanna. her little pug, emperess rainbow, is the absolute cutest & i truly will die if i do not get a pug.

i got an awesome new 80's grecian-style dress from work this weekend, & i'm so thankful to have a part time job, even if it is at the best vintage clothing store ever where i usually end up spending my entire paycheck.

yesterday, i visited my friend sara in shepardstown. we went to the sweets shop for yummy doughnuts, followed by nutter's, the best ice cream shop everrrrr for some delicious cotton candy confetti ice cream. the kiddie cup is HUGE & it's only $1.15!

then we went to the most beautiful midcentury-mod house, with the most wonderful record collection, with the most delicious mulberries!

i had my first raspberries of the season while walking down the trail to a rock quarry to go for my first swim of the season. the water was bright blue & clear, & it was so warm! we could only stay for about a half hour, but i'll be back next week, no matter what.

today my glittery gold toms came in the mail, all the kittens got a good brushing, & i'm hoping to go see puro instinct (pearl harbor) tonight{long story short, i assume. a lot. this show will be at the end of july...} in dc with my beautiful boyfriend, & tomorrow tara & sara from baltimore are coming to town to go swimming!

so like i said, despite getting fired (totally bogus!), things are going pretty well. not to mention all the wonderful things that i don't even mention here on the interweb.

&... i have about a billion pictures from the past couple of weeks & i lost the cord for my camera, & this laptop has a slot for just about every kind of memory card EXCEPT the one my camera uses. so... they will have to wait til the weekend when i go puppy-sit for my dad & use his computer.

up next, i'm going to post all of my findings in the hunt for local swimming holes!

all images via we heart it.

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