Wednesday, June 16, 2010

true blood

okay, so maybe this is mildly embarassing, but i am OBSESSED with true blood. after waiting over 6 months for season 3, i finally saw the first episode last night & i am giddy with anticipation for the second episode.

i should tell you, i have had very few television obsessions. the few i have had, however, are all embarassing. let's review:

blair waldorf, i love you. chuck bass, you better not be dead. little j, stay in hudson forever! georgina, why were you wearing a blonde wig in the season finale?

oh, marissa cooper. rest in peace, baby girl.

the original 90210. i miss you, dylan & brenda.

probably the most embarassing. shannen doherty never lasts more than a few seasons on any show.

lucky for me, i have a boyfriend who not only tolerates, but actually seems to enjoy watching these shows with me! ♥

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