Monday, June 7, 2010

woah baby!

so, i happened upon reform school the other day, & i am completely smitten. this is a great site for gifts (for others & for yourself!) & i have composed a little wishlist...

captain & bear squirrel

i have a (creepy?) obsession with baby-crafts, meaning crafts for babies but also miniature things... in this case, the former. look at these sweet little onesies. "what is it about a squirrel playing drums that everyone just loves?" lol-ing.

where you came from

guh. so sweet. adorable illustrations. i love how quirky, strange childrens books are becoming more popular & available! brent talks about making a children's book sometimes; he does the best illustrations. i can't wait. this book would be a good gift, paired with the squirrel onesie, for the pregnant girl i work with, if she had any sense of humor at all, but alas i'm afraid the irony might not translate...


holy cow! i have been promising myself i will make a tee-pee for the backyard for at least 6 monthes now. sigh. one of these days. or maybe i will cheat & buy one, seeing as how it is essential to my happiness...

yeti, mermaid seascape, & owl.

these seem like a lot of fun. i would not give these away as gifts because i am greedy.

fox set

another something that i'd end up keeping. those foxes are so hot right now!

well there are a bunch of other things on the website that i love, these were just from the child development section of the site. happy hunting! i'm off to shepardstown to see my friend sara & our beautiful heart-shaped garden! ♥

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