Friday, July 16, 2010

yarn porn

in love with rose hip's yarn collection. so amazing.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

papier mache.

papier mache is a magical children's magazine. the styling & editing are absolutely wonderful, & i don't care that i'm well over a decade past being the "right" age for children's magazines. i think any aesthete will appreciate this. ♥

out of print

slaughterhouse five.

on the road.

atlas shrugged.


lord of the flies.

out of print has been featured in a few magazines this past month, real simple & something else... i can't remember... anyways. what a great idea.

speaking of which, i found a great booth at one of my favorite antigue shops that sells books, a lot of first editions, mostly under $10. even though i am flat broke, i couldn't resist picking up a few books that i've wanted nice, displayable copies of...

opium by jean cocteau.

in watermelon sugar by richard brautigan.

on the road by jack kerouac.

& i usually don't enjoy many new books, but i had read an article on oliver sacks just a few hours before happening upon awakenings for $1. i recently read a neurology textbook & when i read the description of the book i figured there's a good chance i'll enjoy this.

& lastly, a few projects for book storage...

may december's invisible bookshelves. love, love, love.

adventures in creating
's doggie bookcase. so, so cute!

100 layer cake's book planter. also spotted on rag & bone & gartenkultur via benign objects.

oh, & look! a similar take on this project from

all of a sudden, these folded book-page sculptures are everywhere. they're so pretty & make a statement without costing a lot of money or requiring a lot of skill to create! folded book vases at lillyella.

project wedding's book paper garland is so sweet.

Friday, July 9, 2010

time magazine covers.

Christian Renewal / Dec. 25, 1964

The Pill / Apr. 7, 1967

Today's Teenagers / Jan. 29, 1965

Rudi Gernreich / Dec. 1, 1967

Bonnie and Clyde / Dec. 8, 1967

Joffrey Ballet's 'Astarte' / Mar. 15, 1968

The Sex Explosion / July 11, 1969

Prince Charles / June 27, 1969

California / Nov. 7, 1969

Raquel Welch / Nov. 28, 1969

Japan's Expo '70 / Mar. 2, 1970

Jane, Henry & Peter Fonda / Feb. 16, 1970

Alaska / July 27, 1970

American POW's / Dec. 7, 1970

The U.S. Family / Dec. 28, 1970

The New Genetics / Apr. 19, 1971

Suburbia / Mar. 15, 1971

Jesus Christ Superstar / Oct. 25, 1971

The American Woman / Mar. 20, 1972

Edwin Land / June 26, 1972

Marilyn Monroe and Norman Mailer / July 16, 1973

Pop Records / Feb. 12, 1973

The Psychics / Mar. 4, 1974

Robert Redford & Mia Farrow / Mar. 18, 1974

The Maharishi / Oct. 13, 1975

i have a few covers at home that i plan on framing, & hanging in a cluster on the wall, just as soon as i find frames! ♥

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

book art.

oh my. i've been going through a mildly obsessive phase with papercrafts, namely those involving books, elaborate papercuts, & quilling.

a-mazing. from the rag & bone blog. check out the altered books page for more inspiration. ♥


jungle cats.

brain candy.

wallpaper by aimee wilder,for sale here. found via print & pattern.

electric blue damask.

wild flora collection by anna french, found via house of many hues.

goldenrod faux bois/

pandas, doing panda stuff.

most amazing (mylar) wallpaper ever.

painterly bright blooms.

mylar geo-tribal print.

how romantic.

woodgrain grid.


mylar forest.

use sparingly.

patchwork bubbles.

second hand rose sells those vintage wallpapers. the photo quality is not so great on this site, i do apologize...

check out these retro floral, 70's floral, feathers, lilypads, watercolor daisies, yellow nudes, & b&w nudes wallpapers.


so, i freaked out when i saw an amy butler print in this post on print & pattern; seriously?! amy butler wallpaper?! ...completely in love.