Wednesday, July 7, 2010


jungle cats.

brain candy.

wallpaper by aimee wilder,for sale here. found via print & pattern.

electric blue damask.

wild flora collection by anna french, found via house of many hues.

goldenrod faux bois/

pandas, doing panda stuff.

most amazing (mylar) wallpaper ever.

painterly bright blooms.

mylar geo-tribal print.

how romantic.

woodgrain grid.


mylar forest.

use sparingly.

patchwork bubbles.

second hand rose sells those vintage wallpapers. the photo quality is not so great on this site, i do apologize...

check out these retro floral, 70's floral, feathers, lilypads, watercolor daisies, yellow nudes, & b&w nudes wallpapers.


so, i freaked out when i saw an amy butler print in this post on print & pattern; seriously?! amy butler wallpaper?! ...completely in love.

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