Monday, August 16, 2010


so, i started a real-life, pen & paper journal again. it's been a few years since i've done this, & so far, this journal is much more optimistic & inspiring than journals past. in keeping with this new, positive attitude, i decided to play along with elsie's four simple goals blog post.

{thanks elsie for the banner!}

goal # 1: be more organized!
first & foremost, this will require some serious downsizing, namely excess clutter in my bedroom. also, this means trips to goodwill to drop off donations, NOT taking more home with me! thankfully, i have a boatload of DIY projects to help me group & contain different items.

(note to self: tackle ikea bookshelf, closet, craft supplies, & accessories first!)

goal # 2: do what i love!
i've recently realized that i don't have time to waste on things that i don't enjoy. lucky for me, i am working pretty much my dream job, & i like the people i work with. outside of work, i only want to spend time with people whose company i enjoy, doing things that i love to do. this means more creating: finishing my patchwork quilt, altering & embellishing clothing that otherwise won't be worn, decorating my home, playing music, traveling, keeping my journal, baking, & finding new hobbies!

goal #3: focus more on my health.
i've never felt better than last summer when i was on a raw foods diet. while i don't expect to immediately go back to that lifestyle, i want to think about the foods i'm eating, & try to eat more fresh fruits & vegetables, & homemade foods that are delicious & make me feel better about myself. also, i want to take at least one yoga class a week, in the morning before work, & bikram on tuesday nights in baltimore with sara! also, i need to fix my bike & enjoy at least one ride on the c&o canal to harper's ferry while the weather is still nice.

goal #4: be happy!
keep a positive attitude & an open mind, & keep negativity in check. challenge pessimism, in myself & others, & re-think keeping sources of negative energy in my life. stay eager to learn new things, & improve my life, & be willing to put forth the energy required to be happy. it's easier to be lazy & cynical, but no more taking the easy way out!

i want to create a life for myself that i can be proud of, & feel good about, & following these goals will help me get there. also, i've created a few mini-goals, such as keeping my new car clean, being more choosy about who i spend my time with, being more financially responsible, & about a million other things, but i don't want to get ahead of myself.

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